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Chaos and regularization in stellar wind (pp 551-560)
Alexander F. Kholtygin
Full Article PDF (663K)

On-off intermittency in the Ising model with temperature randomly varying in time (pp 561-568)
A. Krawiecki
Full Article PDF (471K)

A Master equation approach to deciphering non-detailed balance systems (pp 569-574)
S. Nicholson, E. Kim and L. S. Schulman
Full Article PDF(386K)

Extensions of Verhulst Model in Population Dynamics and Extremes (pp 575-591)
Maria de Fátima Brilhante, Maria Ivette Gomes and Dinis Pestana
Full Article PDF (958K)

Height Field Representation and Compression Using Fractal Interpolation Surfaces (pp 593-600)
Vassileios Drakopoulos and Polychronis Manousopoulos
Full Article PDF (1047K)

A Similar Nonlinear Telegraph Problem Governed By Lamé System (pp 601-606)
Mabrouk Meflah
Full Article PDF 438(K)

Philip Glass' Façades - a Case Study on the Complexity of Music Scores (pp 607-621)
Pedro Pestana and Dinis Pestana
Full Article PDF (614K)

Control and Synchronization of Fractional-Order Di erential Equations of Phase-Locked Loop (pp 623-631)
Viet-Thanh Pham, Mattia Frasca, Riccardo Caponetto, Thang Manh Hoang and Luigi Fortuna
Full Article PDF 745(K)

Delay Factors and Chaotization of Non-ideal Pendulum Systems (pp 633-642)
Aleksandr Yu. Shvets and Alexander Makaseyev
Full Article PDF (747K)

Dynamics of a Jeffcott Rotor with Rigid Blades Rubbing against an Outer Ring (pp 643-650)
Florian Thiery and Jan-Olov Aidanpää
Full Article PDF (1259K)

Resolving of the N2 - Lotka - Volterra system of spliting logistical model for the competition problem (pp 651-661)
Vitalii V. Akimenko and Andrey A.Yefimenko
Full Article PDF (223K)

Acoustic metrology: from atmospheric plasma to solo percussive Irish dance (pp 663-670)
V J Law, Mick Donegan and Breege Creaven
Full Article PDF (392K)

Variable patterning in fruit fly embryos due to basins of attraction in underlying gene regulatory dynamics (pp 671-677)
A. V. Spirov and D. M. Holloway
Full Article PDF (516K)

The Baltic Sea coupled ice-ocean model (pp 679-686)
Lidia Dzierzbicka, Jaromir Jakacki, Maciej Janecki and Artur Nowicki
Full Article PDF (618K)

Dynamic similarities of rotors with rubbing blades (pp 687-694)
Jan-Olov Aidanpää
Full Article PDF 451(K)

Double power law behavior in everyday phenomena (pp 695-700)
Carla M.A. Pinto, Antonio M. Lopes and J.A. Tenreiro Machado
Full Article PDF (333K)

Ideal Chaotic Pattern Recognition Using the Modi ed Adachi Neural Network (pp 701-710)
Ke Qin and B. J. Oommen
Full Article PDF (371K)

New aspects in approximation of a Markov chain by a solution of a stochastic di erential equation (pp 711-718)
Gabriel V. Orman and Irinel Radomir
Full Article PDF (294K)