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Comparison of Nonlinear Dynamics of Parkinsonian and Essential Tremor (pp 243-252)
Olga E. Dick
Full Article PDF (863 K)

Lyapunov spectrum analysis of natural convection in a vertical, highly confined, differentially heated fl
uid layer (pp 253-264)
Zhenlan Gao, Berengere Podvin, Anne Sergent and Shihe Xin
Full Article PDF (3.846 K)

Variable Elasticity of Substitution in the Diamond Model: Dynamics and Comparisons (pp 265-275)
Francesca Grassetti, Cristiana Mammana and Elisabetta Michetti
Full Article PDF (8.838 K)

Control of a Simple Chaotic Flow having a Line Equilibrium by means of a Single Passive Controller (pp 277-288)
Yılmaz Uyaroğlu and Uğur Erkin Kocamaz
Full Article PDF (721 K)

Control of Chaotic Finance System using Artificial Neural Networks (pp 289-302)
Uğur Erkin Kocamaz, Yılmaz Uyaroğlu, Gültekin Çağıl, Harun Taşkın and Zeynep Çağıl
Full Article PDF (863 K)

Anti-Synchronization of Chaotic Systems with Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (pp 303-315)
Uğur Erkin Kocamaz and Yılmaz Uyaroğlu
Full Article PDF (841 K)

Non-relativistic versus Relativistic Low-Speed Momentum Diffusion (pp 317-322)
Shiuan-Ni Liang and Boon Leong Lan
Full Article PDF (205 K)

Intermittency in the Generalized Lorenz Model (pp 323-328)
Wiesław M. Macek
Full Article PDF (1.771 K)

Statistics of Chaos (pp 329-344)
David C. Ni
Full Article PDF (1.098 K)

From chaotic motion to Brownian motion: A survey and some connected problems (pp 345-353)
Gabriel V. Orman and Irinel Radomir
Full Article PDF (333 K)