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Editorial (pp 1-2)
Christos H. Skiadas
Full Article PDF(K)

Extension of Poincaré's program for integrability, chaos and bifurcations (pp 3-16)
Ferdinand Verhulst
Full Article PDF(762K)

Stability of Solutions to Some Evolution Problems (pp 17-27)
Alexander G. Ramm
Full Article PDF(574K)

Pattern Formation of the Stationary Cahn-Hilliard Model (pp 29-38)
Hansjörg Kielhöfer
Full Article PDF(581K)

BetaBoop Brings in Chaos (pp 39-50)
Maria de Fátima Brilhante, Maria Ivette Gomes and Dinis Pestana
Full Article PDF(6084K)

Dissipative Solitons: Structural Chaos and Chaos of Destruction (pp 51-59)
Vladimir L. Kalashnikov
Full Article PDF(1697K)

Routes to chaos in confined thermal convection arising from a cylindrical heat source (pp 61-68)
Diego Angeli, Arturo Pagano, Mauro A. Corticelli, and Giovanni S. Barozzi
Full Article PDF(2342K)

Decoding of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Emission Signals for Process Control (pp 69-76)
Victor J Law, F T O’Neill, D P Dowling, J L Walsh, F Iza, N B Janson, and M G Kong
Full Article PDF(840K)

Sir Pinski Rides Again (pp 77-90)
Maria Ivette Gomes, Dinis Pestana and Pedro Pestana
Full Article PDF(5046K)

Some considerations on the usefulness to approximate a Markov chain by a solution of a stochastic differential equation (pp 91-104)
Gabriel V. Orman and Irinel Radomir
Full Article PDF(599K)

Experimental simulation of quantum graphs by microwave networks - Closed and open systems (pp 105-118)
Michal Lawniczak, Oleh Hul, Szymon Bauch, and Leszek Sirko
Full Article PDF(694K)

Evidence for Deterministic Chaos in Aperiodic Oscillations of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cells in Long-Term Culture (pp 119-126)
George I. Lambrou, Aristotelis Chatziioannou, Spiros Vlahopoulos, Maria Moschovi and George P. Chrousos
Full Article PDF(1555K)

Dynamical Systems, Mimesis, and Analogy in Experimental Music (pp 127-137)
Scott Mc Laughlin
Full Article PDF(435K)

Influence of the simulation model on the spatial arc resistance distribution of an axially blown switching arc (pp 139-146)
Matthias Hoffacker, Paul G. Nikolic, Daniel Eichhoff, Andreas Kurz
Full Article PDF(588K)

Particle based method for shallow landslides: modeling sliding surface lubrication by rainfall (pp 147-158)
Emanuele Massaro, Gianluca Martelloni, and Franco Bagnoli
Full Article PDF(2088K)

Projective synchronization of different chaotic discrete-time neural networks with delays, based on impulsive controllers (pp 159-171)
Eva Kaslik and Seenith Sivasundaram
Full Article PDF(1329K)

Simulations of the Frequency Modulated - Atomic Force Microscope (FM-AFM) Nonlinear Control System (pp173-186)
Átila M. Bueno, José M. Balthazar, and José R. C. Piqueira
Full Article PDF(1026K)

Using Average Mutual Information to Preview the Power Spectrum and to Guide Nonlinear Noise Reduction (pp 187-197)
N. Jevtic, W. Nilsen, P. Stine, J. S. Schweitzer
Full Article PDF(748K)

Electron-electron Collisions and Drift Velocity Fluctuations in n-GaAs at T=80 K (pp199-205)
R. Raguotis
Full Article PDF(206K)