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The positive influence of Allee effect on synchronization of von Bertalan y' models (pp 403-414)
Sandra M. Aleixo and Acilina Caneco
Full Article PDF (637 K)

The Effects on Performance of Using Chaotic Systems in Entropy Source of Deterministic Random Number Generators (415-420)
Fatih Özkaynak
Full Article PDF (445 K)

Bifurcation theory of dynamical chaos (421-432)
Nikolai Magnitskii
Full Article PDF (563 K)

Transport Properties of a DNA Transistor in the Presence of a Thermal Bath (433-440)
Sohrab Behnia, Samira Fathizadeh, and Javid Ziaei
Full Article PDF (379 K)

Stochastic vacuum: a new perspective on the "ether-drift" experiments (441-454)
Maurizio Consoli
Full Article PDF (476 K)

Dynamical features of acoustic emission of natural and forced stick-slip process (455-466)
Teimuraz Matcharashvili, Tamaz Chelidze, Natalia Zhukova, Ekaterine Mepharidze, Aleksandre Sborshchikovi, Dimitri Tephnadze, Zurab Chelidze, Zurab Tsveraidze, and Levan Laliashvili
Full Article PDF (430 K)