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Editorial (pp 1-2)
Christos H. Skiadas
Full Article ()

Evidence of chaos in the Belief Propagation for LDPC codes (pp 3-18)
Jean-Christophe Sibel, Sylvain Reynal and David Declercq
Full Article PDF (1340K)

Pattern Formation in Volumetrically Heated Fluids (pp 19-30)
Gregory Cartland Glover Kaoru Fujimura and Sotos Generalis
Full Article PDF (2845K)

Complex Dynamics and Phase Transitions Caused by Fuzzy Rationality (pp 31-38)
Ihor Lubashevsky and Dmitry Parfenov
Full Article PDF (1145K)

Multifractals Tied to Extensions of Panjer's Iterative Procedures (pp 39-50)
Maria de Fátima Brilhante, Maria Ivette Gomes, and Dinis Pestana
Full Article PDF (2706K)

Can the multifractal spectrum be used as a diagnostic tool? (pp 51-57)
K. P. Harikrishnan1, R. Misra and G. Ambika
Full Article PDF (334K)

Complex Dynamics of Multiparticle System Governed by Bounded Rationality (pp 59-66)
Arkady Zgonnikov and Ihor Lubashevsky
Full Article PDF (482K)

Application of planning artificial neural networks in solver of tasks of intellectual self-organizing automatic-control systems (pp 67-74)
Michail F. Stepanov, Andrew M. Stepanov
Full Article PDF (610K)

Chaotic Trend Possibility in the Gold Market (pp 75-81)
Nilufer Alan, Ilknur Kusbeyzi Aybar, O. Ozgur Aybar and Avadis S. Hacinliyan
Full Article PDF (376K)

Poincaré Analysis of Non-linear Electromagnetic Modes in Electron-Positron Plasmas (pp 83-88)
V. Saxena and I. Kourakis
Full Article PDF (537K)

Rotations-Expansion-Reflections Chaotic Modelling with Singularities in Higher Dimensions (pp 89-106)
Bernd Binder
Full Article PDF (1401K)

Extraction of the Dominant Features of Complex Dynamics in Experimental Air-Water Two-Phase Flows (107-116)
Alberto Fichera and Arturo Pagano
Full Article PDF (529K)

Utilisation of the Perturbation Theory without Presuppositions. A Repeating Equation for Azimouthal Velocities into
Cylindrical and Magnetized Plasma (pp 117-131)
C. L. Xaplanteris, E. D. Filippaki, I. S. Mistakidis and L. C. Xaplanteris
Full Article PDF (574K)

Nonlinear Analysis of the Hopfield Network Dynamical States Using Matrix Decomposition Theory (pp 133-146)
Alexander M. Krot and Ryhor A. Prakapovich
Full Article PDF (454K)

Bifurcation Analysis of Nociceptive Neurons (pp 147-154)
Olga E. Dick and Boris V. Krylov
Full Article PDF (261K)

Monte Carlo Modelling of Soliton Pulse Timing Jitter in Silicon Nanowire Waveguides (pp 155-161)
Matthew Marko, Xiujian Li, Jiangjun Zheng and Chee Wei Wong
Full Article PDF (313K)

Shadow Prices and Lyapunov Exponents (pp 163-168)
Ilknur Kusbeyzi Aybar
Full Article PDF (238K)

Cryptography with Chaos (pp 169-178)
George Makris and Ioannis Antoniou
Full Article PDF (613K)

Chaos in Modified CFOA-Based Inductorless Sinusoidal Oscillators Using a Diode (pp 179-185)
Buncha Munmuangsaen and Banlue Srisuchinwong
Full Article PDF (1635K)

Newtonian and special-relativistic probability densities for a low-speed system (pp 187-192)
Shiuan-Ni Liang and Boon Leong Lan
Full Article PDF (303K)

The Effects of Diffusion of Individuals between Two Single-Species Populations (pp 193-198)
Dumitru D. Deleanu
Full Article PDF (413K)

A Steganography Telecom System using a Chua Circuit Chaotic Noise Generator for data cryptography (pp 199-208)
Apostolos P. Leros and Antonios S. Andreatos
Full Article PDF (442K)

Chaos in Compound Anti-Symmetric-Case Piecewise-Linear Delay Differential Equations (pp 209-214)
Phocharavidh Phuphatana and Banlue Srisuchinwong
Full Article PDF (291K)

Stability and Chaos in a Classical Yang – Mills - Higgs System
O. Ozgur Aybar, Avadis S. Hacinliyan, Ilknur Kusbeyzi Aybar, Kamer Koseyan and Berc Deruni (pp 215-221)
Full Article PDF (580K)

Robustness and Bit Error Rate Performance of Qi Hyper Chaos Based Encryption (223-230)
Guoyuan Qi, Dennis Luke Owuor and André E. Botha
Full Article PDF (389K)

Inversive congruential generator with a variable shift (pp 231-238)
P. D. Varbanets and S. P. Varbanets
Full Article PDF (327K)

New vortex invariants in magneto-hydrodynamics and a related helicity theorem (239-245)
Anatoliy K. Prykarpatsky and Denis Blackmore
Full Article PDF (290K)