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Self-organization and fractality created by gluconeogenesis in the metabolic process (pp 113-127)
Valeriу Grytsay
Full Article PDF (775 K)

Sudden cardiac death and Turbulence (pp 129-142)
Guillaume Attuel, Oriol Pont, Binbin Xu and Hussein Yahia
Full Article PDF (2.467 K)

Localized patterns of sand ripples generated by steady flows: experimental and theoretical study (pp 143-152)
Anthony Auzerais, Armelle Jarno1, Alexander Ezersky, and François Marin
Full Article PDF (748 K)

Absolute Negative Mobility in a Ratchet Flow (pp 153-165)
Philippe Beltrame
Full Article PDF (1.722 K)

The Spectral Chaos in a Spherically Centered Layered Dielectric Cavity Resonator (pp 167-176)
Zoya E. Eremenko, Ekaterina S. Kuznetsova, Luka D. Shostenko, Yuriy V. Tarasov, and Igor N. Volovichev
Full Article PDF (473 K)

A Fractal Model of the Stimulus-Response Relationship (pp 177-181)
Marcin Molski
Full Article PDF (170 K)

Simulation of Multidimensional Nonlinear Dynamics by One-Dimensional Maps with Many Parameters (pp 183-196)
Irina N. Pankratova and Pavel A. Inchin
Full Article PDF (442 K)

The Complete Bifurcation Analysis of Switching Power Converters with Switching Delays (pp 197-206)
Dmitrijs Pikulins
Full Article PDF (751 K)

Permutation, Linear Combination and Complexity of Short Time Series (pp 207-218)
Zoran Rajilić
Full Article PDF (1.010 K)

Synchronization of chaotic Cellular Neural Networks in small-world topology (pp 219-230)
Soriano-Sánchez A.G., Platas-Garza M.A., López Gutiérrez R.M., Cruz-Hernández C., and Posadas-Castillo C.
Full Article PDF (603 K)