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Editorial (pp 1-2)
Christos H. Skiadas
Full Article PDF(K)

Numerical Methods for Discontinuous Singularly Perturbed Differential Systems (pp 3-15)
Marco Berardi and Luciano Lopez
Full Article PDF(525K)

Chaos Control Applied to Mechanical Systems (pp 17-24)
Aline S. de Paula and Marcelo A. Savi
Full Article PDF(424K)

Bifurcation scenario of a network of two coupled rings of cells (pp 25-34)
Carla M.A. Pinto
Full Article PDF(6003K)

Transition to Quantum Chaos in Weakly Disordered Graphene Nanoflakes (pp 35-43)
Adam Rycerz
Full Article PDF(486K)

Chaotic behaviour induced by modulated illumination in the Lengyel-Epstein model under Turing considerations (pp 45-51)
Cuiñas-Vázquez, J. Carballido-Landeira, V. Pérez-Villar and A. P. Muñuzuri
Full Article PDF(638K)

Magnetic field effects on chemical reactions near the disturbance of stationary states conditions (pp 53-65)
Alexey A. Kipriyanov (Jr.) and Peter A. Purtov
Full Article PDF(257K)

A Nonlinear Schrödinger-like Equation in the Statistical Theory of Spheroidal Bodies (pp 67-80)
Alexander M. Krot
Full Article PDF(194K)

Simulating annealing and neural networks for chaotic time series forecasting (pp 81-90)
George Atsalakis and Katerina Tsakalaki
Full Article PDF(195K)

Lindenmayer Systems and the Harmony of Fractals (pp 91-99)
Pedro Pestana
Full Article PDF(411K)

Modeling and Simulation of a Reactive Packed Distillation Column Using Delayed Neural Networks (pp 101-108)
Abdulwahab Giwa and Süleyman Karacan
Full Article PDF(1158K)

Adaptive Backstepping Neural Network Control for Mechanical Pumps (pp 109-122)
Kyriakos G. Vamvoudakis and Manolis A. Christodoulou
Full Article PDF(586K)

Complexity in Theory and Practice: Toward the Uniffcation of Non-equilibrium Physical Processes (pp 123-146)
Georgios P. Pavlos
Full Article PDF(332K)

Informational Technologies for Quasilinear Research of Combined Stochastic and Chaotic Systems (pp 147-155)
Igor N. Sinitsyn and Vasily V. Belousov
Full Article PDF(352K)

Collision Frequency leads the Plasma into a Chaotic State. Influence on the Conductivity (pp 157-168)
C.L. Xaplanteris, E. Filippaki and I.S. Mistakidis
Full Article PDF(511K)

Biological Growth in the Fractal Space-time with Temporal Fractal Dimension (pp 169-175)
Marcin Molski
Full Article PDF(223K)

Chaotic Dynamics of Coupled Nonlinear Circuits in Ring Connection (pp177-184)
Maria S. Papadopoulou, Ioannis M. Kyprianidis, Ioannis N. Stouboulos
Full Article PDF(1175K)

Improvement Performance of TH-UWB System Using Spatiotemporal Chaotic Sequences (pp 185-194)
Anis Naanaa and Safya Belghith
Full Article PDF(342K)

Chaotic Oscillations of Nonideal Plane Pendulum Systems (pp195-204)
Aleksandr Yu. Shvets and Alexander M. Makaseyev
Full Article PDF(1960K)

Detection of jet axis in a horizontal turbulent jet via nonlinear analysis of minimum/maximum temperature time series (pp 205-217)
A. Charakopoulos, T.E. Karakasidis and P.N. Papanicolaou
Full Article PDF(317K)

Multifractal Analysis of the Psychorelaxation Efficiency for the Healthy and Pathological Human Brain (pp 219-227)
Olga E. Dick
Full Article PDF(218K)

Chaos Synchronization and Chaos Control Based on Kannan Mappings (pp 229-240)
S. Sh. Alaviani
Full Article PDF(236K)

Wave Fractal Dimension as a Tool in Detecting Cracks in Beam Structures (pp 241-256)
Chandresh Dubey and Vikram Kapila
Full Article PDF(1065K)

Symmetry-Breaking of Interfacial Polygonal Patterns and Synchronization of Travelling Waves within a Hollow-Core Vortex (pp 257-271)
Amr Mandour, Mohamed Fayed, Hamid Ait Abderrahmane, Hoi Dick Ng, Lyes Kadem and Georgios H. Vatistas
Full Article PDF(1922K)

Compound Structures of Six New Chaotic Attractors in a Modified Jerk Model using Sinh-1 Nonlinearity (pp 273-279)
Banlue Srisuchinwong, Teerachot Siriburanon, and Teera Nontapradit
Full Article PDF(1057K)

Geodesics Revisited (pp 281-298)
Pavel Pokorny
Full Article PDF(1247K)