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Editorial (pp 1-2)
Christos H. Skiadas
Full Article ()

Oscillating System under Limited Excitation from Generator or Wave Field (pp 3-17)
Tatyana S. Krasnopolskaya, Evgeniy D. Pechuk
Full Article PDF (839 K)

Cardiorespiratory System as Nonideal System with Limited Excitation (pp 19-27)
Evgeniy D. Pechuk, Tatyana S. Krasnopolskaya, Mariia O. Rudnytska
Full Article PDF (615 K)

The Navier-Stokes Equations and Turbulence or Chaos (pp 29-34)
Bertrand Wong
Full Article PDF (158 K)

Spectral analysis and invariant measure in studies of the dynamics of the Krebs cycle (pp 35-50)
Full Article PDF (1095 K)

Extrema values of consonant cluster accuracy with member accuracy in children’s speech (pp 51-70)
Elena Babatsouli
Full Article PDF (849 K)